About Jeremy Raw

  • After a couple of decades developing software, I earned a Masters in Regional Planning (2003) from UNC's Department of City and Regional Planning to go with previous degrees in Philosophy, French Literature and Mechnical Engineering.
  • I worked for three years at the City of Durham, NC, doing transportation planning and travel demand forecasting.
    From June 2006 to June 2010, I worked for Virginia's Department of Transportation (Virginia Travel Modeling).
    Currently I work for the Federal Highway Administration, dividing my time between Richmond VA and Washington DC. I develop travel modeling and data analysis resources for federal, state, regional and local planning agencies, and generally to improve planning for "new travel modes" such as dynamic ridesharing, connected and automated vehicles, and bicycling and walking (Yes, the last two are hardly "new", but they're finally on the agenda!).
  • I am a licensed Professional Engineer (VA 0402043607)
    I was also once a League Cycling Instructor #757
    I'm a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and the Association of Bicycle and Pedestrian Professionals.
  • I've had a long interest in environmental justice and urban development. Here's a video series I helped produce (I'm on screen briefly): Richmond, Race and Regionalism
  • In May of 2002, I married Sally K. Norton. Sally has a Masters in Public Health from UNC and works as a health and nutrition researcher, educator and motivational speaker. She also works to advance local sustainable food production.
  • Email me as "jeremy" at this site